Friday, July 27, 2012

Monster names!

As I prepare for my lil man's first birthday.. You already know the theme (c'mon take a guess :-) I created his name into cute little monsters! It will be a banner for his party! Check out my etsy site for more party printables!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


After many months of waiting and bank nonsense we are FINALLY in our first home!! We moved in May and every weekend has been another DIY project or thrift store finds! It is soo much fun and my little monster is so happy in his own room! Can't wait till we finish up his monster nursery! Be sure to keep checking back for some fun DIY projects! :) here's our quaint lil home!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little Man's first Easter!

For Easter I wanted my little guy to be different, but so stylish! Lol! There are tons and tons of girl dresses and never much for boy! So I went to children's place and found a button down in pink gingham shirt, a navy vneck sweater. I wasn't happy with their pant selection so I came across these adorable seersucker shorts in H&M. Of course had to get little converse in a bright aqua to match! Best of all to complete his look I found this little scrap of fabric I had in plaid with blues and hints of purples. I found a way to make a bow tie without sewing, just an iron and hot glue gun! The perfect accessory to his little man look! :) and of course Nonni made him a bunny hat too!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monster Mobile!

When my little man was just a little thing in my belly.. I knew his theme would be monsters! I could not find monster bedding or a mobile or any kind of decor anywhere! ( of course now I saw one at but I like the colors I chose anyway!) Anyways, I chose this geo bright bedding set and my BFF got it for my monster for my baby shower!
I already had gotten a mobile from someone else which didn't really match! So I traced the pattern of the other mobile cover, used an extra matching crib sheet to the bedding set and made some cute lil monsters out of felt! What you need to make a quick and easy matching mobile!
-extra matching crib sheet
-some felt
-old mobile
-sewing machine

Now I have a cute matching set and one happy lil monster!!

My cuddle monster 5 month old!

My lil monster so cute at 5 months already! This cuddle monster shirt from The Children's Place a gift from a cute lil princess! :)

My silly monstaz friend!

I found this cute lil monster thing at 5below! I didn't even know it spoke until I accidentally dropped it in the store! It has this silly lil monster language and my little monster loves it!! It's made by Ty called Monstaz

My monster pjs!

Hanging out in my bumbo chair loving my cozy comfy monster pjs from The Children's Place!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easter monster eggs ohh my!!!

It's official I'm monster crazy!! I can not even tell u how excited I get when I see monster stuff! Found this cute monster egg decorating kit for Easter at Walmart!! For $1.97 why not! Now .. Hmmm do I save then for when my lil monster gets bigger or do them this year..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My love monster!

Ok so any excuse I get to dress my lil monster up & take pics.. I do it.. Yup I'm that kind of mama.. :)
For Valentine's day I created a tie and matching diaper cover for my little love monster. You can actually buy my pattern piece fabric at! I cut out the diaper cover and just added elastic around the leg openings and the waist. The tie just cut two pieces and sew together, then flip inside out and iron those tie creases and just hand stitch the inside so it stays in place.
Here he is my lil love monster!

Super Bowl champs! NY Giants!

Go Giants! Even babies have to root for their team too! I can not tell you how hard it was to find a baby jersey/ bodysuit the few weeks before the Super Bowl soo being the crafty mama I am.. I made a faux jersey for my lil man!
I used the iron on interfacing with the sticky back. Stuck the fabric on the sticky side then cut out the ny ( giants logo) stripes for the arms, and of course the back had to have a number and his name! All on just a plain white bodysuit iron on, then I recommend sewing a quick straight stitch around appliqu├ęs. Fabric I used was actually the extra I cut from a man's giants tee to make mine a little more girlie! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mama can match their little boys too!

Soo I had this gray & black striped dress from H&M! I can not even tell you how many times I wore this dress.. Even when I was preggo.. Anyways I was tired of it so I decided to try something for my lil man too! I cut the dress, so it would be a shirt for me, then used the bottom hem to make pants for my baby.Find the tutorial here! 
  I used the extra I had to make a tie and just sewed it on a bodysuit! Hey if little girls can match their mommies, why can't boys right! Lol

Size month stickers!

Look at me mommy at 3 months! So happy! Stuck right on a bodysuit.. these size month stickers are fun and oh so cute.. for your growing lil one!
Print out your very own size month stickers on sticker paper and just stick right on a bodysuit!
 Check out the file below for your free month stickers!

Bath time fun!

Just because I can't get enough of that smile! Love u my baby!

The baby butterfly..pillow ( that is what I am call it!)

So Mason's DR said his head was getting too flat so I whipped up a cute lil pillow shaped kinda like a butterfly! Definitely did it's job within a few days his head was a lot better! I'll even include the pattern here for you sewers to make one for your little one! ;)

Daddy & his lil monster.. Or should I say lil Clark kent.. Lol

Matching glasses with daddy! ( their actually the kids 3d glasses with lenses out) but it was too cute I couldn't resist!


Oo how I already miss him being so little! One of my favorite pics!

Monster collection!

Monster group designed by yours truly... Even before my lil man was thought about.. Lol.. You can find this monster collection here!
This was made just for me, from my co-workers for my monster baby shower! :)
Isn't my monster such a good model! Lol

Halloween photo shoot

Yup take a guess... He was a monster.. I am obsessed.. Told ya! ;)

Even before he was born.. Monsters were already in my head!

Here is my fiance, mom & I with the custom canvas she made for my lil monster! Yep she included monsters in it to match his room theme!! Everyone knows my obsession with monsters! :D

Mamas little Monster

Here he is! My little monster, my reason for living, my inspiration comes from him! At one month old here with a knitted monster hat from his Nonni ( aka my Mom) yes she knows my obsession too! ;)I love my baby soo much! <3